The Young Man’s Guide To Cougar Hunting

Looking for a horny, older, glamorous Cougar to rock your world? It’s tough to hunt out a woman when you aren’t used to her home territory, isn’t it? After all, she doesn’t live the same sort of life that you do so the chances of you bumping into the Cougar of your dreams once day by chance are slim… How do you meet the fantasy woman you have been looking for?

Where are the Cougars?

They are in the gym, in the supermarket, at the school gates, in your local Chinese take-out place, at the ATM, in the coffee shop in the morning… Need we go on? They are everywhere around you. The only difference is, when you see a hot Cougar in the streets, she may not strike you as a Cougar straight away.

That woman with the red hair that smiled at you this morning as you bought your morning coffee… Take a moment to think about her. She had bright red lipstick on. You can imagine that her lipstick would match the lacy lingerie she’s probably wearing under that slightly conservative black skirt and suit jacket. Those black heels she’s wearing; they’d look lovely thrown over your shoulder, wouldn’t they?

She didn’t really take your fancy this morning because you were rushing and she was heading in the opposite direction. You hadn’t had your coffee yet for the day so you weren’t exactly one hundred percent awake. However, you remember her. She was pretty hot.

That radiant redhead is the prime example of a Cougar – she’s not the cocktail-dress wearing maniac that they portray her to be in Cougar Town and American Pie. She’s a normal woman, probably with a busy career schedule, an ex-husband, and a couple of kids thrown in for good measure. She’s recently divorced her husband and has been hitting the gym recently. That smile you flashed her this morning probably made her day… In much the same way as her red-lipped smile stayed in your mind.

Of course, there is a much easier way to find yourself a hot Cougar without hunting for a wedding ring on every female you come across… Internet dating! There are actual dating websites solely designed to help a young man find himself a stunning Cougar looking for a toy boy! Why not check them out? At the very least, you’ll be getting a bit of experience out of it.


Cougars on the Prowl!

how-to-date-a-cougar-660x400The Cougars are in their natural habitat on these online dating sites. is a good example. They know that they’ve got what it is the young lads are looking for so they literally sit and wait for the guys to come to them. This means that you’ve got yourself a bit of competition on your hands. You’re going to need to stand out, that’s for sure!

When it comes to dating a cougar, just open your eyes and take a look around you. That woman waiting at the bus stop… Does she have a ring on her finger? What about the woman you caught eyes with in the shop? The woman staring right at you could just be the right kinda Cougar for you!

Happy Hunting!

Disillusioned With Young Women? Discover Horny Cougars For Real Action!

It’s quite the title and to be honest, it’s quite a topic. It’s certainly not something that young men can ask their parents, friends or work colleagues about. For the most part, getting your hands on some horny Cougar action when you are in your 20’s is not something that happens everyday.

It’s a fantasy for a lot of guys – getting an older woman to tell you how she likes to be pleasured in bed. There’s something about being dominated by these fierce and strong women that gets the blood pumping for many a young lad. We’ve all seen Finches obsession with Stiffler’s Mom in American Pie, right? You know a night in the sack with a horny Cougar would rock your world… For all the right reasons!

If you’ve had your fill of drunken fumbled nights on couches at house parties with girls your own age or younger, why not broader your dating spectrum and try something from the other side of the coin?

With age comes experience so with your older woman, you will get a whole bunch of new tips and tricks in the bedroom that you never thought possible! If you thought you knew everything there was to know about sex, you’ve tried nothing yet. The older woman brings with her something new entirely.

It has been shown in studies that, as women get older, they start to let go of some of their body hang-ups, and when this happens, her confidence levels will go through the roof. When this is met with the fact that women generally reach their sexual peak later on in life than guys do (around 30-40 years of age), most women this age are in a very special place right now. It’s not quite the menopause yet, and she’s got a new sense of style because she has become more comfortable with her own body… All in all, it’s good to be alive.

Why wouldn’t any guy in his right mind give this a shot? Surely there’s something very RIGHT about dating a woman that is in her sexual prime, is totally confident about the way she looks and feels, and knows a thing or two more than you do in the bedroom? Why is it still so taboo?

The fact of the matter is, older women rock for a million different reasons. They kick the ass out of young women on almost every level. It doesn’t make sense why MORE men aren’t checking out and dating horny Cougars!

Young girls are clingy. They over-analyse everything you say to within an inch of its life. They want to know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, what you ate, what socks you wore… Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration but you know what we’re talking about here. Young women may look beautiful but honestly; there’s nothing happening between the ears.

Older, mature Cougars are so much more switched on than their younger counterparts. They don’t have that clingy, obsessive need for approval than younger women tend to show. They aren’t bothered where you are and what you’re doing because they have their own lives and they are busy with it. They have the kids and Grandkids, possibly a job, a house to maintain, etc. They don’t have time to mess around with petty little dramas. In turn, this means that you will get an easier life!

With sex on your side, and a more chilled out, confident woman on your arm, life can only soar when you’re doing your thing with a Cougar.