Interested In Meeting Up For It Cougars Online? Secrets Revealed

It’s become somewhat of a craze recently and there are plenty of reasons why – Cougar dating is most definitely in! They are more mature, looking for fun, and experienced in the art of dating, both in the bedroom and out of it! They are feisty, headstrong and know how to get what they want…

The Cougar is on the prowl!

Women get better with age, much like a fine wine. Or cheese. They get to their thirties and something has a tendency to happen with them. They calm down and start to leave behind the BS associated with their younger years. They are no longer interested in petty dramas with childish girlfriends. They’ve possibly already been married and some of them may even have kids. They’ve done all that hard work stuff. Now they just want to have fun.


Because they’ve calmed down, most Cougars will get to a point in their 30’s or 40’s where they no longer care that they’ve got wobbly bits or a bit of cellulite on their thighs. They’ve had kids so they’ve experience pretty much every loss of dignity someone can go through, and they are finally chilling out, learning to be more laid back about their body hang up’s. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at some of the studies done and the evidence that is documented online.

Sexual Peak

Women tend to go through their sexual peak much later on than guys do. For guys, it’ll be in their 20’s but for most women, it’s in their 30’s and in some cases, even later. They are filled with hormones that make them feel good and also make them want to hump anyone that moves in their presence. Admit it ladies – you all went through the horny period of life. It’s before they hit menopause and life is good for them. Really good.

If you want sex with a bang, the Cougar is the gal for the job. She’ll suck, blow, ride and grind you like no other woman you’ve had before… or ever will again. She’s gonna rock your world if you’ll let her. She’s been around the block a few times and knows what she’s doing in the bedroom. With age comes experience; that’s all we’re saying.


At this point in her life, the Cougar is more than likely going to be progressing well within their career. They studied hard and did the crap jobs in their 20’s, but when their 30’s hit, things started to get more laid back. At this point in her life, the Cougar has more time on her hands. If she’s had kids, they may be starting to leave the nest. Guess who she’s looking for to fill that void? You!

Chilled Out

At this point, she’s left behind the BS and grown up a lot, especially if she’s had kids of her own. She’s going to be much cooler under pressure which means if you ever fight with her, they won’t be furious ones; they’ll be cooler and calmer. She may have more money because she has progressed within her career and might be looking forward to enjoying that money with travel and new adventures. Guess who she’s looking for to fill that void with? You!

Cougars/older women/Gilfs… Whatever it is that you want to call them, they sure are coming out with a vengeance. It’ll be a wild ride, combining experience with a willing partner, and is definitely worth giving a shot! On line is the best places to find hot cougars looking for action is a site called Check it out here. They have 10’s of thousands of gorgeous, fit women from all over Europe, including loads in the UK!

Disillusioned With Young Women? Discover Horny Cougars For Real Action!

It’s quite the title and to be honest, it’s quite a topic. It’s certainly not something that young men can ask their parents, friends or work colleagues about. For the most part, getting your hands on some horny Cougar action when you are in your 20’s is not something that happens everyday.

It’s a fantasy for a lot of guys – getting an older woman to tell you how she likes to be pleasured in bed. There’s something about being dominated by these fierce and strong women that gets the blood pumping for many a young lad. We’ve all seen Finches obsession with Stiffler’s Mom in American Pie, right? You know a night in the sack with a horny Cougar would rock your world… For all the right reasons!

If you’ve had your fill of drunken fumbled nights on couches at house parties with girls your own age or younger, why not broader your dating spectrum and try something from the other side of the coin?

With age comes experience so with your older woman, you will get a whole bunch of new tips and tricks in the bedroom that you never thought possible! If you thought you knew everything there was to know about sex, you’ve tried nothing yet. The older woman brings with her something new entirely.

It has been shown in studies that, as women get older, they start to let go of some of their body hang-ups, and when this happens, her confidence levels will go through the roof. When this is met with the fact that women generally reach their sexual peak later on in life than guys do (around 30-40 years of age), most women this age are in a very special place right now. It’s not quite the menopause yet, and she’s got a new sense of style because she has become more comfortable with her own body… All in all, it’s good to be alive.

Why wouldn’t any guy in his right mind give this a shot? Surely there’s something very RIGHT about dating a woman that is in her sexual prime, is totally confident about the way she looks and feels, and knows a thing or two more than you do in the bedroom? Why is it still so taboo?

The fact of the matter is, older women rock for a million different reasons. They kick the ass out of young women on almost every level. It doesn’t make sense why MORE men aren’t checking out and dating horny Cougars!

Young girls are clingy. They over-analyse everything you say to within an inch of its life. They want to know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, what you ate, what socks you wore… Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration but you know what we’re talking about here. Young women may look beautiful but honestly; there’s nothing happening between the ears.

Older, mature Cougars are so much more switched on than their younger counterparts. They don’t have that clingy, obsessive need for approval than younger women tend to show. They aren’t bothered where you are and what you’re doing because they have their own lives and they are busy with it. They have the kids and Grandkids, possibly a job, a house to maintain, etc. They don’t have time to mess around with petty little dramas. In turn, this means that you will get an easier life!

With sex on your side, and a more chilled out, confident woman on your arm, life can only soar when you’re doing your thing with a Cougar.

Dating A Gorgeous Granny? Dating Tips You Must Know!

Come on now — every young lad dreams of the older woman, don’t they? That whole “Mrs. Robinson” style fantasy where she tells you what to do, and teaches you how to screw like a real man. She’d take the lead and you’d love it. That’s half of the appeal of dating the more mature woman, isn’t it? So now you bagged yourself a gorgeous granny on a site like

If you are currently dangling your fishing line into the dating pool, hoping to catch yourself a glamourous, hot granny, there are a few things that you should be aware of first. You might think that you already have all the swag needed to pull an older lady but in reality, you’re probably going to get shot right down the first few times you give it a bash.

cougar-date-200x300She’s older so as you will probably already be aware, her style of dating is going to be more mature. It is going to be more old-fashioned than you’re probably used to. You’re going to need to put in some hard work here.

She’s going to want you to open doors for her, and carry heavy bags. She’s going to want you to wine and dine her and treat her like a lady. This hot granny is not going to be happy with your first date being in the local cinema, followed by a fast food burger and fries. She’s going to want to be excited and interested. This means that you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the cash to splash to impress your leading lady.

As much as we would like to say that it’s not all about money, the older you get, the more mature you will find your dates will get. In your 20’s, you can get away with things like picnics on the beach, movie nights with heavy petting on the couch, etc. With an older lady, you will need to find out which restaurants have good reviews. You can’t take her to the local nightclub to have a good night dancing around a podium. She won’t appreciate that. You’ll need to get a handle on what her likes and dislikes are from an early point. This will make life much easier for you.

As important as the date itself is, an older lady will be concerned with how you like too. If she’s wearing a smart black dress and blazer combo as you go to dinner while you’re rocking a pair of ripped jeans and scruffy Converse, people will stare at you. She is already an older lady dating a younger man so looks are to be expected, but at the same time, she won’t like the fact that you’re making things worse. Make a damn effort with your appearance if you are serious about wooing your Granny. As much as she doesn’t want you to look like her 45 year old ex-husband, she probably doesn’t want you looking like her teenage son either.

Speaking of kids, you may as well ask this question early on. You’re going to need to learn how to live around her kids, and even grandkids if she has them, not the other way around. As much as she probably won’t want to introduce you guys at any point soon, they probably will get in the way of your dates from time to time so you may as well get used to it!

So there you have them – a few simple tips that should make taking your Glamorous Granny out on a date a bit easier. Just think about all of those old-school romance movies where the men used to treat their leading ladies with respect… That’s how you need to treat her chaps!