Cougar Dating

Tips On Buying Ideal Gifts To Impress Your New Cougar Date

We’ll be honest with you here; the older lady is going to appreciate your attributes as gifts more than she will any physical gifts that you bring her. Flowers will die, chocolates will get eaten, and underwear will soon get forgotten about. A good sense of humour is hard to come by… If you have one, you have a gift!

If you’re going to buy her flowers, make sure they are quality flowers. We’re talking old-school florist flowers, not ones that you hastily picked up at the local petrol station. She’ll have been bought her fair share of bunches and bouquets of flowers over the years, so she’ll instantly know how much you’ve really spent on her… Not that the money really counts, of course!

Your personality attributes are going to be the gifts you can shower her with to keep the Gilf or Cougar coming back for more. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what some of our Cougar-friends have said…

“I prefer honesty over a bunch of flowers!”

Like we’ve said, a bunch of flowers will soon die and get discarded, but a man that shows honesty and truthfulness is worth his weight in gold. If you can offer her nothing else, (and older ladies are aware that younger man can’t always afford the lavish lifestyle) offer her honesty right from the very beginning of your story.

Don’t tell her you are looking for a relationship if all you want is a bit of fun. Don’t play games. Be honest and true to you, and she will fall for your true colours.

“I expect him to pay on the first date!”

If nothing else, at least splurge on the first date. The Cougar will have been dating for many years so she’ll have been wined and dined before and will therefore expect a certain amount of chivalry on your part. Pay for the dinner on the first date, open doors and be respectful to her. All women love a gentlemen, and she’ll teach you how to be the King of them all if you let her and just go with the flow. Give her the gift of being wined and dined by a gentlemen and you’ll stick in her mind for a long time yet.

“If he says he’ll call on Tuesday and doesn’t call, I’m over it!”

If you say it, do it. It’s as simple as that. You can’t mess around a Cougar like you can a twenty-something girl, and trying this game with fire will mean that you will more than likely get burned. If you can’t make the call you promised, text her and let her know. Reschedule, put it off, take a rain check… Just don’t leave her hanging. It’s not attractive and it’s not like she’s lacking in interest…

“I hate it when they want me to “Mother” them…”

If you’re looking for a Cougar because you need a new Mummy, you’re barking up the wrong tree entirely. She’s had her kids and she’s looking to have fun. She’s not looking to adopt a new son and run around after him, doing his laundry and cooking his dinner. If you can’t be just as independent as she is, you’re going to find yourself getting left behind.