GILF Dating

How To Date Hot UK GILFS And And Find A Goddess In The Bedroom

The GILF – a clever play on words, first taken on by the hit US film American Pie. In this film, Stifler’s Mom is called a MILF, which stands for Mom I’d like to F***. (We’ll let you fill in the blanks!) As you’ve probably already guessed by now, GILF stands for Granny I’d like to F***. (Again, we’ll let you fill in the blanks!)

Of course, Granny isn’t the right term. Some Grandmothers out there are super hot! They may have been young mothers, giving birth to girls who also became young mothers. If you consider that the legal age of consent in Britain is 16, technically a woman can “legally” become a Grandmother at the very young age of 32!

This is where the new American term “Cougar” came around, which kind of describes the older dating woman pretty well, if you were to ask anyone that had ever successfully managed it.

It’s clearly all the rage these days for older women to choose younger men to be their partners in life and in bed. If you were to ask any 30-something woman how they feel, they would generally say better than they had ever felt in their life. A lot of the body hang-up’s that they would have had in their 20’s have pretty much gone by now. They no longer care so much about perfection or those little stretch marks/dimples/wobbly bits/etc. They’re over stressing about the small stuff.

younger-men-with-older-woman-660x400Confidence is the one thing that you can say strings together all the Cougar’s in the world. Just check out Demi Moore – she’s a Cougar dating a younger guy (Ashton Kutcher) and she rocks ridiculous levels of sex appeal and confidence! She also has a fan base boasting millions of men around the world; all of which find her desirable as an older woman – slash – Cougar.

So how do you find these HOT UK Gilfs and Cougars? Where is that mysterious woman that will rock your world both in the bed and out of it?

It would be oh so easy for us to just tell you to sign up to a granny dating site to find the hot GILF of your dreams but things could be much closer to home than that. You know those boring work dinners you so politely decline every time you are invited? There are a whole host of GILFS and MILFS at those events. There may even be hot older women in your workplace that you can woo… The fact that she’ll want to keep it quiet at first will add to the excitement of it all!

If you do happen to spot a hot Cougar while you are out and about, flash her a smile! Isn’t that an internationally recognised sign? Use it! If she’s a “real” Cougar, she’ll take your smile and raise you a “hello”… It won’t be long before intentions on both sides are clear.