How To Create A Killer Dating Profile To Meet A Cute Cougar

Internet dating has made life a lot easier when you want to meet a special kind of person. You might be looking for a specific religion, or perhaps someone with the same hobbies as you do. You might be looking for a younger girl as your bit of eye-candy, or perhaps… just perhaps; it’s to meet that super hot Cougar that you’ve been dreaming about for years….

The good thing about online dating is that it brings people closer to you; people that you wouldn’t normally have the pleasure of meeting. You have suddenly jumped into a whole new dating pool. There is a new fish in the water…

The Cougar…

Now, the hard work really begins once you’ve signed up to that internet dating site you’ve been looking at for a while. You need to create a killer profile to catch her attention. You need a really good bait for your fishing rod in the form of a well-picked profile image.

The photo that you choose needs to be a clever kind of photo. This is the one first impression you will give to those older ladies, so you need to make it a really good one. There are a few strict guidelines you should stick to:

No naked photos. Firstly, you look cheap. Secondly, where’s the thrill of the chase? If you think you can woo a cougar by dangling your manhood in front of her eyes, you’re very much mistaken.

No drunken photos. Firstly, you look cheap… and young. Secondly, older women aren’t into that sort of stuff anymore. How often do you see 40-year old women, skirts up around their waists, all and everything hanging out, after one too many bottles of wine? Cougars are grown up women so your drunken antics aren’t like to amuse her.

Try to look smart. You don’t have to do the suit and tie pic, but if you have one, it won’t hurt your chances. You don’t really want your dating profile picture to be you in your ripped trackie pants, bean-juice down your chin, do you?

When it comes to actually filling in the little boxes of your profile. There are a few more rules that you should adhere to:

Be honest. What’s the point in lying and pretending to be more sophisticated and grown up than you actually are? If you are planning on spending anymore than one night with her, she’s going to find out the real truth about what you’re like, and if you think the average Cougar will be just a one-night-thing, you’re wrong.

Follow the same rules as the picture. Cougars don’t want to hear about how you work hard and play harder. They don’t want to be wowed with your ability to down six pints of beer, one after the other. Try and sound at least a little intelligent in your profile description, otherwise she’s not going to be interested in you right from the word go.

At the end of the day, just be yourself and be true to who you are. You might want to bang a Granny but it’s going to take a bit more than a few humorous messages exchanged, and a cheap night in your local Wetherspoons.