Cougar Dating,  Granny Dating

Hot And Horntastic Grannies? Fact Or Fiction? Learn The Truth!

Milfs, Gilfs, Cougars, Grannies… The older ladies out there are coming out with a vengeance, pulling guys half their age. There are women out there in their 40’s that look 25. They are making the most of the world of plastic surgery, gyms, healthy eating, etc. to make sure they train hard and look fantastic. They’ve done with kids and it’s time to get their bodies back!

If you thought horntastic Grannies were a myth, you would be mistaken. A quick internet search for something like “Gilf dating sites” or “Cougar dating” will give you plenty of results to prove our point. There are whole websites dedicated to finding hot Cougars for lusting young lads, and if you’re one of those lads with the “Mrs. Robinson” fantasy, they are well worth signing up to!

There are a whole host of myths and random snippets of total fiction floating around out there surrounding the topic of Cougar dating. We thought we’d clear a few of them up for you…

As we’ve already mentioned, horntastic Grannies are FACT but there are so many things that are untrue about older women looking to rock in between the sheets with younger guys. For example, we once heard that Cougars would “prey” on young men, luring them into bed.

Doesn’t that make everything sound just nasty? Answer this – if it is okay for the likes of Michael Douglas to marry someone almost half his age (Catherine Zeta Jones), why is it not okay for a 45 year old woman to rock it with a 27 year old guy? If it’s okay for celebs like Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz to do it…. #JustSaying

There is nothing “preying” about the Cougar; she knows what she wants and she gets it. She’s not drugging guys to get her into bed. Once again we mention the “Mrs. Robinson” fantasy. Guys WANT to take these women to bed because they are experienced, easier than younger girls to date, and generally enjoy having a good time. What young man wouldn’t enjoy a relationship that had all that to offer?

Another myth that often comes up is that the dating Grannies are “sad” and “desperate”, rejected by their husbands. Well, this is complete crap. There’s on beating around the bush here. I would hardly call Demi Moore desperate or sad, would you?

These women are powerful women – they have a certain amount of boosted confidence and are done with the hardest parts of their lives such as making babies and having a husband. Women reach sexual peak much later on than guys do so they are going to be one hell of a ride if you are lucky enough to get her into bed.

Although the fiction is rife when it comes to the topic of Grannies dating, one thing is FACT – there is nothing sad, desperate, needy, clingy, annoying or irritating about these women. They are headstrong, feisty, hot and spicy and you can’t argue against the appeal of that!