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Are Hot British Grannies As Special As Many Men Think?

It would seem that literally everyone and their brother is banging a Granny right now, doesn’t it? Well, perhaps Granny is too strong a word, but some of these ladies who are dating guys in their 20’s are into their 40’s, 50’s and even higher.

For years it has been socially acceptable for older men to date younger women. In fact, this was almost expected from a relationship at one point in history. With hot older guys like George Clooney dating much younger women, it would seem that the hot silver fox was the most desirable thing!

These days, women are coming back with a fighting spirit. These women that are considered old enough to be of “Granny” age are looking younger than other, bodies fitter than any 20-year old you’ll see, and taking their pick from some of the hottest men in the world. Ashton Kutcher had his heart stolen by the much-older Demi Moore. This is just one example from the Tinseltown. Do a quick Google search of Cougar dating women and you’ll soon see what we’re talking about!

date-a-cougar-660x400UK women are more empowered than ever these days and with this empowerment comes confidence. Women are finding that they are mellowing out more as they get older so those highly strung, annoying chicks in their 20’s are replaced in their 30’s and 40’s by women that are cool, calm, collected and together. In fact, this is part of their appeal.

Granny dating in the UK (or Cougar dating, as it is known in the States) is basically when a younger man, usually in his 20’s or 30’s, dates a much older woman, usually in her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even higher than this.

Although the appeal of an older woman may not be instantly obvious to you, there are a lot of pros to be said about it. A woman hits her sexual peak much later on in life than the guys do so biologically, it just makes perfect sense. If he’s a horny little devil at 25, and she’s a horny little devil at 40, age doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference and they’ll be boning like bunnies anyway.

Older women have gone through a lot of the phases that much younger women have yet to go through. For example, they have done the bad dating scene, possibly getting married, divorced and having babies in the process. They will know all the tricks in the trade when it comes to relationships and sex, so although you won’t be able to pull the wool over her eyes, she’ll soon teach you a trick or two.

She’ll keep you on your toes; that cougar. She’ll teach you a lot about love, life, sex and relationships, but if you’re expecting a mother-figure, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I guess there is something to be said about those hot British Grannies really… It’s certainly got you thinking, hasn’t it? 😉