Cougar Dating

5 Facts You Must Know About Dating A Cougar

Come on guys; we all know that dating a “Cougar” isn’t like dating a “normal” woman. These are women that need a little bit more care and attention. If this is your first time cougar-dating, you are in for a bumpy ride… A good ride, but a bumpy one!

Before you embark on your journey into Cougarville, there are five HUGE things that you need to know about. These five snippets of information will change your journey from a bad one, to a good one. It is time to sit up and pay attention!

5 – They are FIERCELY independent!

They know they can do life on their own. They already did this when their husband died/left her/ran off with his 20-year-old office assistant…. etc. The Cougar is a fiercely independent woman that NEEDS her own space, THRIVES on passion, and LIVES for excitement. Everything you learned about women in the last few years that you have been dating; you can basically throw most of that out of the window. The older lady won’t be like any other girl you dated before.

She won’t like it when you try to keep tabs on her. She doesn’t need to tell you where she is, what she’s doing, or where she’s going. She won’t want to tell you what time she will be home. You know the saying “respect your elders”? You’re going to need to put this into practice here. Show her respect, let her live her life and make her own decisions, and above all else, let her have her independence.

4 – She won’t screw you like the other girls did!

The Cougar has probably “been around the block” a few times, and during her past experiences, she will have picked up a trick or two. A drunken fumble in the back of a cab won’t get this chick’s motor running. It’s going to take a pair of experienced hands, and a very experienced tongue to make her happy and if you don’t have what it takes, you won’t last very long.

3 – She’ll soon tell you what she likes!

The good thing about the Cougar is that if you aren’t doing what she needs you to do, she’ll soon tell you how to do whatever it is that she likes. If you’re not a fan of being told what to do, dating a cougar is not for you. The average older lady won’t be afraid to pull a few punches and tell you what really happens for her in the bedroom. This lady is definitely not for the light hearted!

2 – She’ll expect conversation!

If you couldn’t carry on a conversation with an intelligent women to save your life, you probably shouldn’t be dating a cougar. As much as she wants you for fun and frivolity, she’s going to want to chat from time to time. Try to find out from an early point what she likes, and how you can give it to her, and you’ll find things much easier in the long run.

1 – She’ll blow your mind!

The one thing that you can say for sure about dating a cougar is that she will literally blow your mind. If you give her a chance and let her do her thing, you will learn how to pleasure a woman in bed and out of it; learning how to have an intelligent conversation, cook her a gourmet meal, then play her body like a fiddle when you get her into bed. Keep your mind open and your wits sharp but, above all, have a lot of fun!